Seventeen – Yandere Simulator MV


For a long time, I’ve always found Hoshiko to be one of the most interesting characters in the game. Her story and how she is the odd duck of her group, has always fascinated me and it inspired me to come up with an idea to help explain why she acts that way and how she acts.

The story goes that when Hoshiko was a child, her mother was murdered and she and her father both came to the scene of the crime. Her mother was murdered out of the blue whilst she was leaving work and this planted a seed in Hoshiko’s mind that bad things happen to good people. Hoshiko was upset and mad that her mother was killed, yet she justified it in her head that it was okay and was just bad timing. In her teenage years, she wishes to seek out targets and inflict pain on to them to help her twisted narrative. But one day, she goes a little too far…


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This video was uploaded by an individual beforehand, yet, the entire video from the posing, to the editing, to the thumbnail, to the Hoshiko concept is all by me.