seventeen wonwoo x mingyu ft. lee hi: bittersweet mv — reaction video ♡


hello! ♥

yes!! we’re finally back again with a reaction video for minwon’s bittersweet mv ♥ y’all, this mv is everything!! from the concept, the song, minwon’s and lee hi’s voice really compliment each other, the cinematography of the music video, everything fits well and is well-planned ✨ pls stream bittersweet and yeah, enjoy watching loves 😘

thank you so much for watching and i’ll see on my next vlog!

ps. pls don’t skip ads hihi ty :”)

rach ♥




FAQs 💭
How young? 22 🎈
How tall? 5’3 🙆‍♀️
What cam do u use? Iphone XR 📼
Where do u edit? VLLO/Filmora 💻


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